Top 10 beautiful iPhone cases

1. Oaxis InkCase IVY

Oaxis InkCase IVY increases your productivity
Stay ahead of the game with InkCase IVY!

Keep your life on track with Oaxis’ latest InkCase IVY which combines the best of function and beauty. It’s not just a phone case; IVY doubles as a daily planner as well, allowing users to display to-do lists and schedules on the back of their iPhone without adding extra bulk. Users can choose from 4 stunning combinations designed to accentuate your iPhone’s stylish aesthetic. With an E Ink screen, the InkCase IVY allows users to further customise their iPhone case by displaying not only their daily schedule but also personal photos on the back of their phone. Moreover, the InkCase IVY is crafted with anti-scratch and drop-proof technology. Keeping your iPhone safe and stylish has never been easier before!

2. Tech Candy Radiant Orchid Barcelona iPhone 6 Case Set

Tech Candy Barcelona Case Set

No need to compromise your iPhone’s sleek aesthetic for strong protection anymore! This beautiful case from Tech Candy is unlike most other cases out there. Instead of a snap-on design, Tech Candy uses a dual-layer design. The outer shell is made of a “Space-Age Polycarbonate,” while the inner wraps (which come in different colors) are made from “cashmere” silicone. The ability to change colors, along with the cool texture, make this a more than worthwhile buy as it’s basically two iPhone cases for the price of one! Moreover, the iPhone case’s appearance is pretty lasting as there is absolutely no paint to fade, scratch or rub off. All case parts are washable with common dishwashing liquid and water.

3. Speck Candyshell Inked

With a huge variety of patterns in high-res graphics wrapped around a slim iPhone 6s & 6 case that resist scratching and fading, Speck Candyshell Inked iPhone cases are absolutely worth a second look. Certified with military-grade drop protection and patented raised bezel screen protection, the iPhone cases not only look stunning but also provide complete protection for your iPhone without adding unnecessary bulk due to the precision-engineered slim fit.

4. HEX Focus Black Woven iPhone 6 Case

If you’re looking for a case that looks and feels different from the majority of what’s out there, the HEX Focus case is definitely what you’re looking for. The Focus case comes in different finishes which are rather unique such as the woven case. The case has a plain leather bottom. It looks very distinct and yet simple, retaining an air of class. Furthermore, the woven texture helps with the iPhone case grip as well.

5. Piel Frama Tan Ostrich Leather iPhone 6 Cover

While leather is a relatively common material used in iPhone cases, calfskin-ostrich leather is pretty rare. With its distinctive dotted look, this case is not only noteworthy for its appearance but also its ultra-slim design. Not only does the top flap provide protection for your iPhone, it also comes with slots for your credit cards too.

6. Neiman Marcus 24 Karat Gold iPhone 6 Case

This iPhone case is handcrafted with genuine 24-karat gold leaf highlights on the back, with a translucent finish. The ultra slim, dual-layer design with protective bumper enhances impact resistance and shock dispersion. With colour-coordinating metal button accents, what could be more luxurious?

7. Belkin LEGO Builder

The multicolored LEGO case from Belkin is for everyone who’s young at heart. It also comes in various colours, such as gray and lavender. Not only can the case protect your iPhone, but it can also be a playground. With an official LEGO base plate, users can spend hours revisiting their childhood with those colourful blocks.

8. Bling My Thing Cascade: Swarovski Crystals Designer Cover – Brilliant Onyx

Shine bright like a diamond with this statement piece. Decked out in 567 pieces of tiny Swarovski crystals, each crystal is given an individual crystal setting ensuring excellent hold. With its subtle but elegant metallic ombre, this Bling My Thing case is definitely going to be an attention-grabber no matter where you go.

9. Grovemade Walnut Case

Go au naturel with Grovemade Walnut iPhone Case which is crafted from solid walnut. Designed to add minimal bulk to your phone while providing ample protection, this sleek iPhone case fits your iPhone like a glove. Each hole for the camera, ports, speakers and buttons has been meticulously cut so as to maximise accessibility, showcasing excellent craftsmanship.

10. Zagg DropGuard Case

This new iPhone case from Zagg features Reflexion Technology, making it durable and highly protective, meeting military drop test standards, but yet a fairly slim case. It certainly looks interesting, with a triangular pattern that will come in various colors. The colored, textured part of the case is soft and flexible, and there’s a transparent, hard plastic bumper around the outside. The button covers have a metallic finish and the openings for the ports, camera and the switch are generous as well.

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